Are you willing to teach adult learners how to read? Tutors meet with their students at any one of the 17 Brevard Public Libraries.


No, you do not have to be a teacher, just have a love of reading. LAB has a need for tutors from Mims to Palm Bay! LAB will provide the training and the materials you willl need.


To get started, adult learners are evaluated to determine current reading and writing levels.  

Evaluators are trained on how to administer the test and the results are sent on to their tutor.Being an evaluator is a great opportunity for volunteers who cannot make a weekly or bimonthly commitment of tutoring an adult learner, but can meet a prospective student to evaluate how LAB can get them started. They are the first person the student will meet who represents LAB.


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Literacy for Adults in Brevard(LAB) is entirely operated by volunteers.


Our work also includes: writing, computer knowledge, social media talents, attending local events representing LAB, office skills, getting grants, managing materials, distributing materials and whatever else we need to do to make residents of Brevard aware of Literacy for Adults in Brevard.