Meet LAB's President

     Cherry Trese

Cherry & husband Mike, have lived in Brevard County for 43 years. Cherry was a teacher for most of her career but also became a principal.  She enjoyed being an administrator but her favorite career was teaching, hands down. 

Cherry became acquainted with Literacy for Adults in Brevard, LAB, at a Volunteer Fair, 11 years ago, at a local Library, similar to the Fair in this picture.

Her favorite student story is about a gentleman, a college graduate from Venezuela. He managed to get a job at Publix. His LAB tutor went to Publix and got the names of all the cheeses and deli meats to use with his student when they had their 90 minute sessions each week. It helped make the English language make more sense more quickly.

Cherry currently is conducting LAB's training sessions, and you will enjoy learning all the things we take for granted when we speak of LITERACY.

Literacy for Adults in Brevard is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


iI am very grateful to you for all the help and dedication you had to help me learn English. Especially for your human sensibility and for sharing something as valuable as the time I have in each class.  I think I had the opportunity to meet a worthy representative of American culture.