Finding Inspiration in Everyone Who Came to Celebrate 50 Years of Literacy

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More than 60 people came to celebrate all the work students and volunteers have done over the past fifty years working with residents of Brevard County. Tutors, students, friends and family, past and present Board members, as well as supporters from the County Library System.  The hardships and the miracles of the past     fifty years were told by those who lived it.  

Photography donated by Lisa Hamel of Signature Photography and Kathi Schillo.

Our Story

In October of 1971, a group of Methodist women in Titusville felt that the migrants working in the fields should learn to read.  They never doubted the importance of what they were doing and even when there were virtually no funds to buy tutor manuals and student books, they continued by contributing the funds as well as their efforts.

Celebrating LAB

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