Literacy for Adults in Brevard (LAB) Inc. is a group of trained local volunteers who teach literacy skills to adults to help them achieve their full potential within their families, their jobs and their communities.


Literacy for Adults in Brevard (LAB), Is a non-profit organization which this year

celebrates 50 YEARS OF ACTIVE VOLUNTEER SERVICE IN BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA. Trained volunteer tutors meet with their adult students for 90 minutes a week in the various libraries throughout Brevard County to teach literacy skills to adults who cannot read.

A LAB STUDENT could be an international college graduate who needs to learn English in order to get a job in the United States. A LAB student might be a grandmother whose own children graduated from high school but she herself never learned to read: now she wants to learn to read to her grandchildren.  Our LAB student could be a retired welding inspector, with a successful career, who never learned to read.

LAB VOLUNTEER TUTORS provide free individualized ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION that focuses on the learner’s goals. Typical adults in our program struggle to read a menu, fill out a job application, or read a bedtime story to their children. Others left school before graduation and want to obtain their GED to improve employment opportunities. Many of our adult learners have families in which English was not the primary language spoken and now they want to improve their English skills. 


Upcoming Trainings


Lesson Planning Workshop: Come and learn the process of creating a Lesson Plan for a LAB student and practice with the tools available to you for the important work of a tutor. A college degree is not required. Prior teaching experience is also not required.

SATURDAY, May 8, 2021

Catherine Schweinsberg Rood

Central Library


9:30 AM - 11 AM